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For Warmer Hands, Look To Your Wrists

I find that I am more sensitive to cold now, and these make a huge difference in keeping me warm in the winter. I am a big fan of Klōsknit"

David Stewart, founder of AGEIST

The fit is so nice; they are comfortable but also don't stretch out. I keep them in my purse because I wear them at work a good amount and always in the car (especially on these snowy/icy mornings we just started getting). When I ski or am outside in the cold for an extended period of time, I pop in hand warmers in the wrist because I'm fairly certain I have Raynaud's and I often lose feeling in my fingers in the cold...these have made a world of a difference!

Meg R.

Testing the KlosKnits with a chemical heat pack inserted over the pulse point, I found a level of comfort that I didn’t know I was missing. Now, I won’t ski without them. 


Honored to be doing product testing for these little guys. Today is the perfect day for a merino liner in my cycling gloves. Christopher, thank you for trusting me to test these out!

Lisa B.

Our Story

Klōsknit was born from the need of a mother attempting to keep her son warm to enjoy a full day of skiing

The Klösknit Team

The Klōsknit team out for a spring hike. From left - Shelley, Chris, Robert and Dr. Ruth.
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Field Testing

Deer Valley

Happy hands- at one point I took off my gloves to shoot some video and my fingers were much more comfortable with the half- glove of the Klösknits in the wind than they would be without- especially because of the relatively warm temperature. If you need to use your phone, gloves off, they are a big help, although when it’s really cold, let the voicemail take it.

Park City

Forgot my Klösknits, gloves felt cold and clammy without them, and we’re talking top of the line Hestras.